How Did Dynamo Levitate at Rio de Janeiro? EXPLAINED – Rio De Janeiro Video

How Did Dynamo Levitate at Rio de Janeiro? EXPLAINED

How was the levitation at Rio de Janeiro done? Don’t watch if you don’t want to know.

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  1. Sorry, but i dont think that, this is the solution for his
    levitation-trick. You know why ? because for this “lift” he would need to
    lean to the right side – because only one foot would stand on the lifter.
    The center of mass is left from his right leg, so he would have to
    compensate it. No one can stand on one foot and doesnt let go his body
    leaned to the other side. But dynamo DOESNT compensate ! So he CANT stand
    on one foot only. but if the lifter would lift both foots, it would be seen
    on the video. an other explanation could be: that he ISNT (!) lifted on his
    foots, but on his bottom (a lifter that goes slightly between his legs) –
    this would give more freedom for his legs, and the trick would be much more
    effective…the lifter-arm behind him can go right in the form of his legs,
    and could be one-sided for sure (its only important, that dynamo would be
    lifted in the same line of center of mass)…you know how i mean ? My
    english is very weak. The bad side on my idea is: the lifter would be quite
    larger – and there would be need more assistant-people which hide the
    machine (espescially the long arm which goes up between his my
    explanation maybe also isnt the solution , but it is better, than yours, i

  2. Lol I just love the cartoons 😀 it would be pretty cool if you could do a
    music video for me 😛 

  3. If you look at the video for one brief second you can see his left foot. It
    is in midair with no kind of structure lifring it

  4. What do you use to animate please reply ?

  5. I like that magican with the mask that reveals all those tricks. Now thats
    how u reveal magic tricks. U should take some notes from him AM… 

  6. I am skeptic about Dynamo’s extra ability to levitate. But as to the
    explanation in this video I can not accept. What has been said in this
    video seems all what the mind can conjure to explain something. To prove
    the theory given in this video let the guy who explain how Dynamo levitate
    to do what he alleged and duplicate Dynamo,s levitation if he can not do it
    then his allegation is false. He said their are bulges and ripples on the
    clothing of Dynamo that can make him levitate what are those things he
    should name or describe such thing or device that can help one to levitate.
    If he can not give anything like that then all what he said are just
    supposition or suspicion of which anybody can do or say. may be he is even
    thinking of devices not yet even invented.

  7. Haha your replies to all the haters are hilarious. Haha 

  8. To auteur AM…. look dude u really need to stop making videos. U never
    reveal or explain anything. I ve seen ur other videos about revealing magic
    tricks, and they are all crap as well. If u really dont have any clue how a
    trick is done. Then dont pretend u do. U are just wasting peoples time with
    ur bullshit headlines. I mean are u really to stupid to realize that u are
    not revealing anything…

  9. You are most definitely the best magic trick explainer on YouTube 🙂 you
    must spend so much time making the animations…but they really bring the
    trick to life! They are really good and the explanations are really great
    🙂 x

  10. · Edit

    lol dude this video is fake

  11. You try to find things that aren’t there.

  12. No that not true

  13. this is bullshit

  14. So the wizard is false? Damn

  15. If this is how the magic is done, COMPLETE WITH STOOGES, that makes Dynamo
    little more than a shyster. He should get himself a proper job.

  16. 1:24 Best…. Shoe…. Ever.. :'(

  17. totally wrong……………….

  18. God im genuinly scared after seeing some of the comments to this
    video.people are living in the magical land of

  19. Crap

  20. this is not true, you’re just assuming that this is what happened. as u can
    see in the actual video, it shows his full body FLOATING WITH NOTHING TO
    PROP HIM UP (That we can see). And everyone clears, so you can see around

  21. I’m so angry these get downvoted heavily. It’s a lot more fun watching
    these videos (whether you correctly spotted the trick or not) than the
    original in my opinion. Thanks for making them.

  22. i love you, you crazy nz bastard!


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